Marketing Partnership


The playing field in marketing has changed forever. Classical advertising agencies and PR firms now find themselves in need for better capability to utilize the web media to meet their clients’ marketing requirements. If they don’t, their competition will indeed. This is where Creative Mileage comes in to offer a partnership in web technology that can equip advertising and PR agencies to offer the most effective suite of e-marketing solutions tailor made to meet any challenges with predictability and efficacy.

We can help agencies reduce design and development cost with our cost-effective backroom model. We guarantee greater cost savings and higher margins through our partnership. Creative Mileage offers a unique opportunity to PR/ Mass Communication firms and Advertising agencies to offer e-marketing solutions and interactive presentations without having to expand payroll. Create a one-stop shop strategy without any investments and a secure footing on web technology, digital art and support resources.  


Key Benefits to our Partners:


  • Cost Efficiency
  • Time Efficiency
  • Ability to reach out to more markets
  • Enhance creative range
  • Expand business with minimal headcount addition
  • Increase overall competitiveness
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