Our Web Application Platforms


We offer 3 web application platforms to enable companies to power their business processes with web automation. At the core of each technology solution lies our relentless commitment to enabling organizations to do more with less.




ZeetaPro is a web automation platform that transforms your web site into a powerful marketing and sales engine. Instead of having to rely on multiple software services and vendors for email marketing, event management, ecommerce, online community, client communication, and digital asset management, you can drive your key sales and marketing activities from your web site. Your web site becomes your Marketing Command Center. You can achieve higher effectiveness and visibility.


  • Easy digital content management
  • Cloud based – fully enabled and supported
  • Modular, Configurable and Scalable
  • Central Customer Data management for all marketing and sales activities
  • Analytics with insights




Logiklu is a web analytics solution that can work with any web site to provide actionable customer information. It is simple to understand, easy to use and flexible to configure. If you are looking for more than mere statistics, Logiklu is for you. It is customizable to offer target data, alerts and reports. It offers useful visual tools to get effective snapshots and detailed analysis. It is designed for Marketing Professionals to build customer insights.


  • Effective Dashboard
  • Demand Analytics
  • Marketing Indicators
  • Visitor Intelligence
  • Top 20 List
  • Hot leads


Media Center Management (MCM)


An integrated database system specifically designed for PEG Access TV and Community Media Access centers. It integrates members, center staff and management team on a single platform to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and resource management. Whether it is equipment reservation, class scheduling, membership management, payment processing or online shopping cart, MCM offers a simple way to automate numerous business processes into one integrated system.


  • Integrated operations
  • Direct, easy access to members
  • Payment Processing
  • Cloud based – enabled and fully supported
  • Cost-efficient
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