Why ZeetaPro

The ZeetaPro3.0 platform is born out of real experience. Over the years we have learnt what it takes to reach out, engage and create dialog with customers and prospects. We have faced the challenge of measuring effectiveness of marketing programs with inconsistent data sources and have struggled to connect dots between marketing programs and customer interest level - ZeetaPro3.0 is our holistic solution for elevating marketing process of small to medium sized businesses

ZeetaPro3.0 is offered on your web site as an intrinsic embedded solution that is easy to access, manage, scale and integrate with an organizational set-up. Zeeta Pro 3.0's Smart Web Marketing Application collects, processes and translates day to day web response data to pointers for your marketing programs.

ZeetaPro3.0 comes in a "Solution as a Service (SolaaS)" model – which includes the key internet marketing solutions as well as applications for marketing automation, tied together with branding for your web site. All this is offered at minimal upfront payment with no need for any internal support structure or capital expenses on infrastructure. Customers can choose their requisite level of branding and applications support at affordable monthly payments.

Also, with our SolaaS model, IT organizations can access full applications hosting and support, database administration and management and technical support without any need for additional resources.

We ensure your ongoing success by integrating individual internet marketing modules in a phased manner and helping you scale up to a broad EMM (Enterprise Marketing Management) platform while maintaining your brand.

Hence whether you are starting up in the Web 2.0 marketing field or you are looking for getting more out of your Web marketing dollars you can rely on our holistic enterprise marketing management solution.

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