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Creative Mileage™ provides the tools that you need to make your business processes automated, repeatable, measurable and scalable, all through your website. Thus, our solutions enable efficiency of the resources that drive your business. 
We offer customizable web application platforms for marketing and sales automation, measuring website and marketing effectiveness, as well as for resource and operations management for media centers. We also provide customized web-based multi-user solutions to improve the efficiency of the processes that are specifically important to different industry sectors


The ‘information economy’ utilizes the web as its most important media. Communication is powered by the web with increasing reach and efficacy. Customers demand your web presence to meet their needs. Creative Mileage™ can transform your website into a business powerhouse in engaging customers, understanding demands and responding to needs in a more dynamic manner. By employing configurable marketing automation with customizable support, we ensure that you meet your goals with higher cost-efficiency and lower resources. 

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